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„Pociąg” (‘The Train’, 1959) by Jerzy Kawalerowicz with english subtitles

On 16th March 5:00 PM we would like to invite You to kino Kinematograf (cinema owned by Film Museum in Lodz) to the screening of the film Pociąg  (‘The Train’) from 1959, by Jerzy Kawalerowicz, with English subtitles and a video lecture.

Event is part of the project entitled Krótka historia polskiego kina (‘A Short Story of Polish Cinema”, organized by Stowarzyszenie Kin Studyjnych, which consists of 10 meetings, each of them devoted to different classic of Polish cinema.

About Pociąg (‘The Train’, 1959) by Andrzej Wajda:
The film received an award at the Venice International Film Festival in 1959. A film by Jerzy Kawalerowicz, who won the Gdynia Film Festival Platinum Lions for lifetime achievement in 2007. Kawalerowicz was the director of Studio Filmowe Kadr for many years, he was also the founder and first chairman of the Polish Filmmakers Association. An amazing portrayal by Lucyna Winnicka, awarded at the Venice International Film Festival in 1959.  People with personal crises meet in the compartment of a night express train. After some initial misunderstandings, a feeling is born. In the middle of the journey (the) police enter the train looking for a murder suspect. The murderer flees into the dark of the night. The passengers rush after him, planning but ultimately failing to lynch him. The coincidental meeting with the killer awakens their lowest instincts, blinding them to his personal tragedy. A close look into the psychology of people spending the night together in the compartment of a sleeping car, who focus so much on their own problems that they confine themselves to inner loneliness.

Tickets: 15 PLN, available at the box office and online Buy a ticket

Plakat do cyklu ,,Krótka Historia Polskiego Kina".

‘Krótka historia polskiego kina’ is organized by Stowarzyszenie Kin Studyjnych
Curator: Tomasz Kolankiewicz
Partners: WFDiF, 35mm, DI Factory 

Project is co-financed by Polish Film Institute.